Monday, March 14, 2011

Eminem Surpasses Michael Jackson To Become 'Most Liked' Artist On Facebook

Eminem surpassed Lady Gaga as the "Most Liked" living artist on Facebook late last month. Now, just recently, the Detroit rapper has become the the most liked on the social networking website, period, living or dead.

With more than 30 million fans as of press time, Em pulled ahead of Michael Jackson, besting the late King of Pop's 29.8 million likes with 30.33 million.

So, as far as music goes, Em is king, at least on Facebook, with Lady Gaga now at #2 and Jackson at #3, followed by Rihanna and then Linkin Park to close out the top five.

However, in the Twitter world, Eminem doesn't come close to touching Gaga's 8.7 million followers. The pop star leads all musicians on Twitter, while Em comes in somewhere around #15 with stars like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Jessica Simpson boasting more followers than him.

The numbers are all ranked on the website, which tallies the "top social network stars worldwide."

Overall on Facebook, Eminem is third in likes among all pages, with only Facebook's official profile (35.3 million) and Zynga's Texas Hold'em Poker (38.4 million) fanpages ahead of him.

Everyone loves a comeback story almost as much as a train wreck disaster.  Eminem has a lot to be proud about being named the artist of last decade, The Eminem show officially being certified diamond by RIAA, and now being the most liked person on Facebook.  I guess we will wait another day for the train wreck. 

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