Sunday, March 13, 2011 reports Jay-z asked RiRi to seat down

March 13, 2011. just learned that there is a SERIOUS STRAIN in the relationship between Jay Z and his protege (and maybe more), Rihannna.

According to a ROCK SOLID insider, Jay Z has asked Rihanna to lay low now that her Last Girl On Earth Tour is over. The insider explains,"He told Rihanna to go on vacation, away from the press and get herself together."

But;s insider claims that Rihanna is NOT taking Jigga's advice. The tipster tells, "Rihanna's hoter than ever, she's not going to take a break now. Besides - she's no dummy. Beyonce is releasing a single next month and a video (with Alicia Keys) in two weeks. She knows that [Jay Z] would rather that Bey not share the spotlight."

Good for you RIH . . . shoot, we just crowned you THE QUEEN yesterday . . . you don't wanna give it BACK so soon!!

I personally don't believe this is true. Rihanna has a new tour coming up in a few more months. She is hotter then ever and her fan base is different then Beyawnce's fan base. Rihanna is pure pop while Beyawnce is more R&B pop. I think they can both co exist on the top of the charts.

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