Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jim Jones Arrested In New York City For Suspended License

Another mark happens in Jim Jones' crazy 2011 storyline, with an album planned for next Tuesday.

Diplomats' emcee Jim Jones has been arrested in New York City today. has footage of the Harlem rapper being handcuffed outside of his Bentley coupe.

Details are still releasing, but reports indicate that Jim Jones has stopped for having a suspended license. The rapper remains in police custody through this afternoon.

Jones' upcoming album, Capo, is planned for next week, April 5th. Already in 2011, the rapper has been sued for topless scenes in his video last month, after surviving a car crash in January.


Of course he was arrested today. His album is dropping next week, nothing new here (Insert rapper name here)________ trying to get some street cred for higher album sales. If it wasn't for him getting arrested I would now have known he had a new album. I'll post the raggedy mugshot when it becomes available. Times must be hard for the second string rappers, Juelz Santana was arrested in February for selling drugs.

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