Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mariah Carey tweets pics of her Butterfly Belly

Mariah Carey, who in October announced that she is pregnant, was hospitalized on Friday night with contractions.

“So #dembabies really wanted 2 celebrate w/us/share the anniversary! I started having contractions last night..went 2 the hospital-” Carey tweeted on Saturday. “Finally they said I could come home after they got it under control but.. They almost came on 3/27- happy anniversary in deed!!! #soreadyallready!”

The singer… tweeted a photo of a butterfly painted on her belly on Monday. Along with the photo, she wrote, “My attempt @ festiveness on 327! For ATLITL thank u + I♥U! Comin soon #dembabies! LYMA+thanx 4 making me happy:).”

Carey announced in October that she is pregnant; she’ll be having twins, one boy and one girl.

I love Mariah but Nick needs to come get his childish wife. Mariah is in her 40's and she is finger painting on her belly. After Nick Cannon found out he told her to remove the private pictures from twitter.

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