Friday, April 1, 2011

Atlanta Police Impound Allen Iverson’s Lambo…

Word on the curb is that former NBA baller Allen “Money Bagz” Iverson lost his ride last night on the mean streets of Atlanta.
Iverson was riding around town in his silver 2009 Lamborghini when he was pulled over last night by Atlanta Police for riding with expired dealer tags.
According to TMZ, A.I.’s Lambo is now sitting in an Atlanta impound lot after authorities towed the whip and gave him a ticket.
Iverson didn’t seem to sweat the matter though. He merely cleared all of his belongings out of the Lambo and hopped into a friend’s Rolls-Royce, who so happened to be following behind him.
Who drives a car with no registration?  I guess Iverson was trying to stunt in the ATL.  Well getting the car out of impound and the ticket is going to cost more then the registration fee.

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